The time has come to harvest our vintage crop of British crop of bantamweights

Although the spotlight is shining brightly on Car Frampton after his brilliant victory of Kiko Martinez, there many others British boxers in the bantamweight divisions who also want to steal the limelight from Belfast’s favorite son.

Sure the focus of the British fans is firmly on a unification fight between fellow super bantamweight champions Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg, but it would folly to forget about other the prospects plying their trade at the top level of the sport in 118-122lb weight classes.

Carl Frampton

Current bantamweight champions Paul Butler (IBF) and Jamie McDonnell (WBA), as well as reigning British and European super bantamweight champion Kid Galahad are the other main pieces of the puzzle of prizefighters who are among the chief protagonists in their respective weight classes.

Fortunately for the fans, all of these aforementioned fighters are at the peak of their powers and the small deficit of weight between the divisions will help facilitate fights in the future between these boxers.

A unification grudge match between WBA ‘regular’ champion and IBF titlist Carl Frampton could potentially usher in a golden era in the bantamweight divisions which sees the very best fighters battle it out against each other in an unofficial round robin competition. Of course the cynics will say such a notion is dangerously delusional, however, I will dare to be an optimist- as David Brent once declared, “pipe dreams are good!”

Britain boxing needs to distinguish itself from the shameful; Al Haymon inspired mismatches that are poisoning the sport in America. Boxing in our nation is already undergoing a renaissance and we should show the American’s how to do business, lead by example and make sure our best fighters compete against each on a routine basis.

As keen reader of the comments sections on other boxing websites, it is clear that many American fight fans I converse with are at breaking point due to the ridiculous match making that has become the status quo across the pond. Pugilism is losing its purity in America, but in Britain, boxing is going through a boom period- we must keep the good times rolling.

We have a bastion of talent in the bantamweight divisions and what better statement of intent is there than to bring them all together in a battle for supremacy. It may sound like a grandiose vision- but the talent is there, and there would be more than enough money in the pot to put the plans in place. The British fights fans love a good domestic rivalry, and the Froch and Groves grudge matches offered conclusive proof that the punters have no problem paying good money to see the cream of British talent compete against each other.

Promoters such as Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have put in so much effort to increase the popularity of British boxing in recent times. One sure fire way to raise the profile of the sport further and attract hordes of new followers is to harvest this vintage crop of British bantamweights.

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