Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg: Small men with big futures

The lower weight classes in world boxing are often starved of attention, but in Britain the landscape is changing and the little guys may no longer be subordinated by the bigger men. For the super bantamweight division is back in vogue and the British fighters such as Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg are bracing themselves for some career defining fights over the coming calendar years.

Scott Quigg

Finally the fans may get the domestic unification fight they crave between WBA ‘regular’ champion Scott Quigg and the newly crowned IBF king Carl Frampton. The British boxing fraternity has faith that these two young lions in their prime will soon be pitted against each other in a lucrative prizefight. The reason for the renewed sense of optimism lies in the fact that Frampton now has no obligations to Box Nation, which has cleared the major barrier to making the bout a reality. Now the path has been cleared, and the potholes paved, the promoters Eddie Hearn and Barry McGuigan can now progress and start meaningful negotiations to make the fight happen.

Of course in the aftermath of Frampton’s amazing victory over Kiko Martinez, Barry McGuigan stated that a fight with Leo Santa Cruz has ‘real gravitas’. While I wouldn’t disagree with McGuigan’s sentiments, it would make sense for Frampton to try and take care of business back home against Quigg before broadening his horizons across the pond. Furthermore, McGuigan’s uncertainty with regards to the ‘Jackal’s’ next career move contrasted sharply with Frampton’s unequivocal conviction that he wants a unification contest with Quigg. From both a fighting and financial perspective, a money spinning showdown between Frampton and Quigg makes perfect sense.

Aside from the obvious monetary motivations, domestic unification fights do not grow on trees and both fighters should demand the fight is made- it is the perfect opportunity for both Quigg and Frampton to build a legacy. Throw in the fact that both fighters are pretty evenly matched, the plot leads to a potential trilogy of fights that will set the pulses of the fans racing.

Boxing pundit Steve Bunce bellowed, in his own inimitable way, that when it comes to the big fights the British ‘do the business’ and his bold statements have been backed by the stunning success of the Carl Froch vs George Groves sell out at Wembley Stadium. With talk of many era defining domestic dust ups on the horizon from Kell Brook vs Amir Khan to Callum Smith vs George Groves, British boxing is entering a new epoch. There may just be a paradigm shift in the balance of power between British boxing and American boxing, and do not be in the slightest bit surprised if the little men steal the baton from the bigger boys.

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