Brandon Rios vs Ruslan Provodnikov: A Fans Fight

Being a boxing fan is a labour of love sometimes, isn’t it?

The paying public watches on helplessly, powerless to prevent the reputation of the sport we love being dragged through the mud on a routine basis. Boxing lurches from disarray to disaster because of bad decisions, rumours of rampant performance enhancing drug abuse, and the laughable list of world titles dished out indiscriminately like hot dinners at a halfway house.

Ruslan Provodnikov

We all know boxing is a business. Even still, it is saddening to see the credibility of boxing plummet to new depths with the news that the World Boxing Association (WBA) now has three ‘world champions’ in the middleweight division. In no way am I trying to pin the blame on the fighters, it is not their fault. They put their lives on the line to put food in the mouths and shoes on the feet of themselves and their families. Those alphabet titles pay their bills. But still, three ‘champions’ in one weight class? What is that all about?  Irrespective of who is to blame though, fight fans can be forgiven for wanting to get back to basics.

That is why we should welcome the news that a fight between Brandon Rios and Ruslan Provodnikov is in the works. Although both men personify the brutality of boxing more than the beauty of the sweet science, it is a refreshing thought that these two warriors will soon meet in the ring for a good old fashioned tear up. It is a rarity in boxing that two evenly balanced boxers are allowed to do battle. Too many times we are sold the fallacy of a fight between two men who do not belong in the same ring together.

Forget the pretence of ‘this will be a great fight’. With Rios and Provodnikov we have the promise of punishment. Their come forward, combative styles, coupled with their complete disregard for defence is a prescription for all out war. There really is no other way the fight can unfold.

Make no mistake; if and when the fight is made, it will be bloody. It will be brutal. It will be downright barbaric at times. But it will be a sweet escape from the mismatches the fans are fed shamelessly by promoters and television networks who insist what is in fact festering water is actually fine wine. We fight fans are not fools. We know fine well we are being duped on a regular basis. Yet we endure the bitter taste of the bad times because we love the flavour of the big fights.

Although there would be no title at stake for Brandon Rios and Ruslan Provodnikov fight, the real fans recognise it as a big fight. Why? Because we would finally get our monies worth instead of being blinded by a light while unscrupulous promoters and managers plunder our pockets for every penny they can pinch.

The result of the protracted showdown with Brandon Rios and Ruslan Provodnikov will be the subject of much debate in the build up to the fight. But what is beyond doubt is that this fight will be a hellacious battle from the start to the bloody, bitter end.

Will we watch it? Yes, of course.

Why? We are boxing fans.

We love it.

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