Was David Moyes doomed from the start at United?

He went from the Chosen One to the Fallen One in a mere 10 months. It begs the question: was David Moyes reign at Manchester United was always doomed for disaster?

No sooner he had walked into the Theatre of Dreams his nightmare had already started when long time chief executive, David Gill, announced that he too would be following Sir Alex Ferguson out of the exit door. Gill was the organisational puppet master who pulled the strings in the transfer market, and his departure meant that there was no one to really spearhead transfer dealings at Manchester United- one of the biggest clubs in world football.

This worrying disconnect between the football and business side of the club was compounded by the fact that Moyes badly needed to overhaul an ageing side, which somewhat miraculously had managed to consistently overachieve under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson. It is a feat tantamount to magic that the old managerial maestro was able to mould a team of champions out of the distinctly average – by elite standards – players he had at his disposal over the last few seasons. Unfortunately for Moyes, lightening did not strike twice.

Whether too long in the tooth, too tender in years or just lacking in the talent department, United’s team needed major surgery.

The deficiencies of the side inherited by Moyes have been laid bare all season, and the lack of much needed investment in the transfer market left him badly exposed before a ball had even been kicked under his watch. Whilst most of the elite teams were given tanks to blast their way to the top Moyes had to ride a war torn camel into battle.

From barely keeping his head above water in the close season, he was quickly out his of depth when the action started in the Premier League. Results started badly and got worse to the point where United – having recorded their worst ever points tally in the Premier League era – are now sinking in a sea of mediocrity, stranded in 7th place without a paddle, in what has been one of the worst seasons in the clubs history.

But, still, even given his handicap in the transfer market, Moyes’ disastrous record of a solitary victory from 13 games against the top eight sides in the Barclays Premier League this season is disgraceful. Those sorts of stats just don’t cut the mustard at United.

Ultimately, Moyes ill-fated reign had to end. There really was no other way. It was clear that he could not properly command the respect of the players and he failed to inspire confidence in the board, who obviously felt he could not be trusted with the task of rebuilding the club with a multi-million pound transfer budget in the summer.

It is entirely reasonable to point the finger of blame at the players and the board; both parties have blood on their hands and are accessories in the assassination of the 51-year-old Scot’s reputation as a manager. Many senior players made it known, through both their words to the media and their actions in matches, that Moyes was not their Chosen One.

It was the dream job, but the set of nightmare conditions imposed upon him made it almost mission impossible. However, he was also the architect of his own demise: his decision to banish Sir Alex Ferguson’s trusted back room staff bordered on the bizarre. It was just too bold a move to make so early in his reign at a club synonymous with stability and continuity during Ferguson’s 27 years in charge.

Ultimately, the football gods were conspiring against Moyes and his move to United seemed doomed to failure from the very beginning.

For these reasons, it is in the best interests of everyone involved in this sorry debacle to discard the whole episode into the dustbin of history and move on. The Chosen One is now the Fallen One. But Moyes will soon rise again, and so will United.

Who do you think will be United’s next Manager?

Were the Players as much to blame as Moyes for Manchester United’s terrible season?

I look forward to reading your comments. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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