The road to redemption begins for Adrien Broner

The deafening silence from Adrien Broner in the wake of his humbling from Maidana has been drowned out by the din of rapturous applause which has greeted the ‘Problems’ first defeat. To say the boxing world has revelled in his adversity is an understatement.

The boxing press and public alike have gleefully announced his sobering defeat to Marcos Maidana as the death knell of career as an elite fighter in the welterweight divisions. And considering he will be unable to comfortably make the lightweight limit of 135lb, it is safe to assume that Adrien Broner is at a particularly precarious juncture in his young career.

But he remains defiant.

Finally Adrien Broner broke his silence and showed some signs of humility by personally issuing an apology for the way he tastelessly ran out of the ring after being badly beaten up and exposed by Marcos Maidana.

Broner said on his instagram “This is the face of a 3x world champion in 3 different weight divisions. I am a man and first of all I want to say I’m sorry for running out on all the fans after my fight.”

“That was wrong of me as a fighter. I want to congratulate team CHINO and I want to thank everybody that supported the fight. But I am not done. This is just a minor set-back for a major come back.#RematchTIME #TrueFIGHTER.”

However, to be fair to Broner, he did approach Maidana at the end of the fight, appearing to congratulate his counterpart on a career defining victory.

Still, a typhoon of negativity has threatened to engulf Broner, and he is still getting hit with flying debris as he sifts through the wreckage of his unbeaten ring resume. The groundswell of ill-will and animosity being directed to towards the former three-time world champion will force him to abandon his seemingly boundless arrogance and obnoxious demeanour. As I have already stated in a previous article, nobody is buying what Broner is selling any longer.

From the point of being exposed as being an entirely conquerable fighter, whose game is riddled with fundamental flaws, Broner’s veneer of invincibility has been totally eroded. Even before his humbling by Maidana, many fighters in the convoluted talent pool of the welterweight divisions, such as Kell Brook, had already dismissed the notion that he would be a force at 147 as pure fantasy.

Although Broner is in crisis, he is still unquestionably a world class operator. It is a true testament to his unlimited potential that his natural talent has taken him to the point where has won three world titles in three different divisions.

He now knows unequivocally that his natural talent has nothing left in the tank and cannot take him any further. He must now shoulder the burden and take responsibility for his talent by adding the further dimensions of hard work and dedication to his game or he will be risk becoming irrelevant in a prize fighting context- at least in the welterweight divisions.

But, the one by-product of his defeat to Marcos Maidana was that he did display the heart of a champion. On other hand, it is painfully apparent that he does not have the engine or the aggression of a truly elite fighter.

Perhaps a saving grace for Broner is that most of his flaws- in a boxing context, anyway- seem entirely fixable. Although his arrogance and lifestyle outside of the ring could be his Achilles Heel, he can still conceivably bounce back if he has the humility to realise that he must improve and adjust his fighting style.

Despite his obsessive and ultimately unsuccessful mimicry of Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Broner has neglected to copy the two fundamental cornerstone of his idols successful unbeaten career – hard work and dedication.

If he still has ambitions of taking over the mantle from Mayweather Jnr then the ‘Problem’ must be prepared to swallow his pride, re-dedicate himself to boxing and be malleable to change as the Road to Redemption is a long and arduous journey.

Fight fans, time to put your cards on the table: Is Adrien Broner willing and able to make a serious comeback and compete at Championship level in the welterweight divisions? And does he need Floyd Mayweather Snr in his corner to do so?


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