Adrien Broner looks bloated in the build up to Marcos Maidana fight

Recent pictures of Adrien Broner have provoked shock and awe among boxing fans, who cannot believe how overweight and bloated he is.

It beggar’s belief that only six weeks before the biggest fight of his life he is so badly out of shape. Judging by the picture, he looks at least 165lbs. In stark contrast, Maidana looks like a man who means business and is ready to fight right now.

However, this isn’t the first time that the three weight world champion’s weight issues have caused concern – he was recently pictured with Floyd Mayweather Jnr looking flabby around the stomach area, whilst, as usual, his idol, and ‘big brother’ was the picture of athletic perfection.

Yet, these most recent images, so close to such a huge fight for the Cincinnati native will spark a whole new wave of controversy.

One must speculate about how adversely affected he will be on fight night as a consequence of having to shed such a huge amount of excess weight in such a short space of time.

Even by a conservative estimate, it looks like Broner must lose at least 15lb before he can even think about standing on the scales and making 147lb.

He will have to go through hell in his battle with bulge in the build up to the big fight. Make no mistake about that. What is also a certainty is that Floyd Mayweather would have recoiled in horror at the images of his young protégé, and supposed heir apparent, looking in such bad physical condition.

One can deduce from his blasé attitude towards getting in physical condition that he is either just far too confident in his own ability or he has complete contempt for Maidana’s.

Even by his usual arrogant and obnoxious demeanour, his dismissive comments in their first official press conference to promote the fight suggest all the steak dinners and chocolate desserts are making him delusional.

When talking live to Showtime, the undefeated 24 year old stated, “Maidana is one-dimensional and not in my league.”

“I’m a Ferrari and he’s a go-kart and my fans will see that in my return to Texas. It’s been over four years since I’ve fought there and I’m going to put on a show. Watch me light Maidana up like a Christmas tree on Dec. 14.”

Perhaps Broner knows something the boxing public don’t about a new line of Monster Trucks Ferrari have in the pipeline. But one thing is for sure: his ego is getting even more inflated than his 5ft 7in frame.

Although Maidana may not be as brass and arrogant as Broner, he possesses a similar self belief and confidence in his capacity to overcome Broner, and conquer the welterweight division.

“Everyone knows that Broner has a big mouth, but that doesn’t bother me, because his mouth can’t fight for him,” said Maidana (34-3, 31 KO). “Whether he has the guts to stand in front of me or if he runs I’ll definitely go for the KO and either way, I’m leaving the ring with the belt.”

I for one, think there is definitely credence in the conviction that Maidana could make Broner taste his first bitter pill of defeat, and tear his WBA welterweight title from his ever expanding waistline, especially after witnessing his transformation from crude brawler to a more polished boxer-puncher under the tutelage of 2012 ‘Trainer of the Year’ Robert Garcia.

Maybe a knockout loss at the hands of the thunderously powerful Argentine is exactly the sort of reality check Broner needs. A blemish on his record might awaken him to the fact that he must re-dedicate himself to his craft like his hero Mayweather, as opposed to merely copying his trademark shoulder roll technique and trash talk, if he wants to emulate his idols achievements.

If he continues to be so complacent his career as an elite level World Champion may blow up as quickly as his body has in recent months.





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